The Pipiol Angels Foundation provides financial support and counseling from time to time to affiliated groups, so that the groups may achieve the purpose for which they were established.  Financial assistance is given for some but not all of the youth group activities.  Priority is given to those activities that fall into at least one of the Pipiol Angels focus areas



The Pipiol Angels Foundation conducts at least one fund-raising activity each year to finance its own mission and to assist affiliated groups in servicing their own communities.  In addition, the principals and other supporters of the corporation make financial and in-kind contributions on an annual basis and serve as consultants to the affiliates.



One of the primary purposes for the Pipiol Angels Foundation and its affiliates is the education and empowerment of members.  Therefore, the majority of the organizations’ activities are geared toward this end.



The Pipiol Angels Foundation and its affiliates recognize the importance of the health and wellness of individuals.  Members are encouraged to  take an active part in sporting and total health and wellness activities without limitation.


Christmas for Seniors & Toys for Young Children

The Pipiol Angels Foundation supports the spreading of holiday cheer.  Therefore the donation of hampers and singing Christmas carols to senior citizens in their homes is encouraged. In addition, they fully support the acquisition and distribution of toys to children in need.


Past Events

CADVA Seminar

In August 2013, the Pipiol Angels Foundation helped to coordinate the visit to Trinidad & Tobago by the Orlando based Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA) group.  During the CADVA visit, seminars were held at the US Embassy in Port of Spain, the Ministry of Education in Chaguanas, the Pipiol Angels youth Group, and at the Rotary Club in Pointe A Pierre.  The Pipiol Angels CADVA seminar was held on August 8, 2013, and was attended by 47 members and their parents, together with close to 50 other members of the general public.

For information about CADVA, visit

Beauty Pageant

In July 2013, the Pipiol Angels Foundation supported the Pipiol Angels Youth Group with their beauty pageant.

Fashion for Feathers

In October 2012, the Pipiol Angels Foundation kicked off Fashion Week by producing Fashion for Feathers with live steel band music and several fashion models.