The Mission of The Pipiol Angels


The Organization

Pipiol Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in Orlando, Florida, in January 2012.  The organization gets no government funding and therefore relies on the generosity of a few companies and individuals for assistance in planning and executing its activities.



The purpose of the company is to provide activities in which individuals can participate, thereby creating an outlet for the creativity and ambitions of the members, and to foster an avenue for ongoing education and leadership development.  The Foundation also provides support to affiliated groups with similar goals and objectives.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Pipiol Angels is to mentor, to inspire, to develop hope and to create opportunities for the young people to achieve excellence and to become productive citizens.  This mission is fulfilled by planning, organizing and hosting community events, and by providing training and education to the youths.



Without limitation as to scope, the Pipiol Angels organization seeks to encourage youths in the pursuit of mastership in the below listed focus areas.

Arts &Crafts                            Business & Entrepreneurship

Education                                Health & Wellness

Literature                                Music & Dance

Photography                          Sports